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Posted by Bruce Lee on May 25, 2017 at 2:05 PM

Sorry Montauk residents---You might consider lobbying the EH Town into buying the Montauk airport--and then when the EH airport closes---Montauk's will close as well. You have can't force suffering onto others for your own gain. Only selfish weak people would engage in such rhetoric.

Residents all around the airport---including the entire North Fork of Long Island and the entire North Shore--all the way to Manhattan have been suffering for years--and it's time to stop. Pitting Montauk against the rest of E.Hampton is stupid. MontaukUnited is misleading the Montauk community---into thinking that the entire western half of EH Town should continue to suffer---so Montauk can be saved from more aviation trafic. 

This organization also has it wrong by stating taxpayer money is going into the legal battle. All monies being used to fight this--come from the revenue raise by the airport---not one penny from taxpayers. The aviation community is paying every cent. Where else is this organization wrong? Montauk better get on board or they may really be in real trouble soon. We also will be evaluating each canidate--and will not vote for anyone not willling to close or regulate this insanity. 

This organization offers no solution---other than hoping others west of Montauk--will continue suffer--to save himself. Anyone following this advice--may suffer the consequences. Don't be misled.

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Reply RobRoy
3:19 PM on June 4, 2017 
It would be well worth the money to seek informed advice regarding what can happen when an airport is in private hands, rather than in town hands. You need to be aware. Really aware.
Montauk airport is in private hands which accepted FAA money years ago and with it the federal rules on how and when it operates. The airport is now for sale, and if it is purchased by, BLADE, or a group of other commuter operators, or say one of the fixed base operators at EH airport, they likely would apply immediately for more FAA money to improve/expand/update the airport. Updating would not be great for Montauk, which was perfect the way it used to be, no updating required--ah, too late.
The FAA would gladly provide money and lock Montauk airport into the same issue that EH has now?federal control of an airport that must remain open 24/7/365 to any aircraft that can land there. Just so you know and, good luck with that if you go that way.
The most advantageous for Montauk would be that EH Town buys it (difficult, cause it is soooo overpriced), and when the current FAA subsidy there expires a few years from now it would again fall be under local control; and restrictions and curfews could be set (local control is the issue now being fought in endless lawsuits against the Town of EH by those with aviation interests and very deep pockets). HTOLOVE---who commented here, is just one of those with aviation interests. It is always those who are profiting from operations at EH airport who are crying the loudest.
Your choice Montauk, go with ill-informed suggestions included on this site, and that will bring you noisy polluting problems for 20 years. Or, pay the fee, get the best legal aviation advice you can afford from independent sources?but check them carefully, there are aviation sharks out there who support the aviation industry not community.
Reply Bruce Lee
8:53 AM on May 26, 2017 
Quite an unbelievable tale told by HTO Love. With real estate investments making hundreds of million of dollars---surrounding the airport is quite a fairy tale. Thousands of residents no where near the EH airport are suffering from all forms of aircraft--and closing this polluting monster is going to happen. Continually saying it's a small group living very close to the airport that is doing all the complaining---is a lie---and Love HTO knows this. This is the standard story line the aviation interests have been spouting for many years. HTO Love is probably the owner of an aircraft and is looking out for his own personal interests. Don't be fooled Montauk residents--by these selfish individuals.. If Montauk doesn't get on board--and have EH Town purchase their small strip---then they may be in harms way. This has nothing to do with money---and everything to do with the quality of life on the East End. Thousands not a small group will make sure this airport will close--don't be duped by the aviation minions.
Reply HTO Love
5:28 PM on May 25, 2017 
Chances are this was posted by Raebeck, Gruber, Currie, or one of the other anti-airport minions who are only interested in building dozens of giant houses all over the East Hampton Airport property, and would love to do the same at Montauk's airport - all to make themselves filthy rich while screwing the entire community. They only care about their own self-interest, which is why they have no problem sneering down their smug noses at the residents of Montauk and threatening the community if it doesn't comply with their demands. If their mouths are moving (or their fingers typing) you can bet they are lying. Here is their plan: 1) Load the town board during the election with their own people, including their own attorney (Bragman) who has represented them in court for years trying to close the airport but has lost every single round; 2) Have their puppet town board close the EH airport and sell it to them for pennies on the dollar; 3) Make hundreds of millions developing the land to line their own pockets; 4) Spend tens of millions of local taxpayer dollars (perhaps even add a tax) to pay for the dozens of expensive lawsuits and litigation that will follow which will NOT be funded by the airport because they closed it; 5) Turn their sights on Montauk's airport land; 6) Rinse, repeat. The bonus prize is that in the years it will take to accomplish this task they will gleefully redirect thousands of helicopters to Montauk to create chaos, which will aid them in obtaining the land at the Montauk airport too. In the meantime, the entire East End will be subjected to an exponential increase in helicopter traffic because the Montauk airport cannot accommodate many larger fixed wing planes, so all of those commuters and summer visitors will have to take more and more and louder and larger helicopters to reach the East End. The North Fork will not be spared, Southampton will not be spared, Sag Harbor will not be spared, and Montauk will not be spared. The only ones who will will be spared is those in this small special interest group who bought their houses right next to the the EH airport and now want to close it for their own personal gain. This is not about noise, it is a about money and a small group of people's greed. MontaukUnited is the voice of reason and is not being intimidated by their threats or deceived by their misinformation campaign! The whole community needs to push back against this special "self-interest" group and prevent them from setting up their puppet town board in the elections and permanently harming our community and way of life.