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Montauk United

Providing Montauk Residents a Means to Speak and Act as One!

Montauk in Crisis: We Need Your Help!

The East Hampton Town Board is considering the closure of the East Hampton Airport, which would divert significant air traffic to Montauk, creating a noise pollution and nuisance for residents and visitors alike.

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Closing the East Hampton Airport is not a solution but a transfer of its problems from one East Hampton Town geographic area to another. East Hampton Town Board members Bragman, Burke-Gonzalez, Lys, Overby and Supervisor Van Scoyoc have all publicly stated, in writing, that “Montauk residents are entitled to the same degree of Town Board support, attention and protection from aircraft noise as historically provided to other East Hampton Town Citizens”. Bragman, Burke-Gonzalez, Lys, Overby and Van Scoyoc also pledged that “If elected, under no circumstances will I support an increase in aircraft at the Montauk Airport due to any actions by the East Hampton Town Board.”

Long Island aviation professionals, commercial helicopter pilots, airplane maintenance facilities, CEO’s and managers of the very aircraft company’s patronizing the East Hampton airport, are all in unanimous agreement that if the Airport is closed, the Montauk Air Field will receive the majority if not all of the 1000’s of rotary and non-jet fixed-wing rejected EH Airport traffic. The air routes, already chosen, by the potentially rejected commercial airlines, will cover over 75% of Montauk air space affecting hundreds of private homes and thousands of its citizens and tourist guests. The route fly-overs also include dozens of hotel, motel and retail businesses. If closure does occur, both the economic and social fabric of Montauk, and that of the entire Town of East Hampton, will be devastatingly altered forever.

East Hampton Star Letters to the Editor

June 17 2021

May 13 2021

East Hampton Airport Diversion Study

Montauk United: Who we are

Montauk United is a non-partisan apolitical citizen action group, of over 5000 members dedicated to the supposition that strength and power can be obtained for Montauk residents though a united effort. Through effective and mass organization, the people of Montauk can possess a powerful weapon in addressing and conquering the very serious problems and issues that are negatively affecting our community.


1: To continually inform and educate all Village citizens of current situations concerning any external efforts being employed by outside interest groups which can have a significant and severe negative impact on all phases of Montauk’s way of life.

2: To monitor all Village laws, ordinances, and agreements made between the Town of East Hampton and certain and select Montauk businesses, including night clubs, taxis, and seasonal rental operations, in regard to full compliance and cooperation in both the written word and spirit of the legislation. Areas of specific interest in include night club noise issues, crowd control, space limitations, all aspects of taxi control, rental requirements, and follow through by Town Governmental authority.

3: To provide an easy accessible public forum to MONTAUK UNITED members for the obtaining, sharing, and providing of relevant information in aiding Town officials in their efforts to enforce the law.

4: To provide each and every Montauk citizen the power of many when reaching out to local, county, and state government.

Get active

Post your comments and photos on happenings in Montauk. Perhaps you want to write a story or tell us about an issue. This is the place to communicate with all the members of Montauk United. We want to hear from you.

Tom Bogdon

Montauk United


Report a Violation

If you see or hear anything, anything at all, which would appear to be a violation of the Town Code, it is our responsibility to report it to the proper authorities. This is the only way we can begin to take back control of our village.